City-Solar Group Constructing World's Largest PV Park in Spain

For some years, the City Solar group from Bad Kreuznach has been designing, constructing and operating large photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of at least 1 megawatt. However, up to now, the company has exclusively been active in Germany. Now the company has succeeded in penetrating the European market. At the beginning of August, the go-ahead was given for the currently largest interconnected photovoltaic solar park in the world to be built in the Spanish province of Alicante.

There, the group will construct and operate, on behalf of a group of investors, 200 individual installations producing 100 KW each, i.e. with an overall capacity of 20 MW. The solar park will be completed by late summer 2007. The group is aiming at connecting twenty 100 KW plants, i.e. 2 MW to the grid every four to five weeks. This is an amibitous but not unrealistic plan as City Solar has accumulated a great deal of expertise in the construction of power stations. Not for nothing the three German solar parks in Göttelborn, Saarbrücken and Sembach with a maximum capacity of 4 MW each feature on the company’s list of references. In addition, City Solar had, early on, been searching out local partners in Spain to cooperate with in a quick and uncomplicated way.

The solar park will be built on an overall area of approximately 500,000 square meters, which equals the size of 71 football grounds. In total, almost 100,000 polycrystalline modules of the “City Solar PQ 200” type will be installed to provide 24,000 households with approximately 30 million kilowatt hours of solar power a year. This solar park will help cut the carbon dioxide output by 30,000 tons a year.

Author: Ediconcept

Source: Clean Edge News


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50MWp park is planning very soon to be opened in Megalopoli, Greece more at

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